digital marketing strategies


OKR. Objectives and Key Results must be a marketers ‘North Star’ at every stage, including research & planning, production, measuring and testing, and iterative experiments.

Have clearly defined targets (audience segments, metrics, messaging, experiences) and a singular focus (specific offer, incentive, product line promotion, etc.)

Create well-defined projects and apply agile methodology and fluid execution practices.

Relevancy and Value. Without it, you’re just noise.

There is a psychology to marketing. Pay attention to intent, context, triggers, and intrinsic motivation – from your audience, untapped markets, stakeholders, team members, executive leaders… even your competitors.

Leverage data – it is the most powerful source of insight and understanding of the business trends, strengths, opportunities, gaps and so much more.

Don’t pitch and never pressure.  Engage. Encourage. Persuade. Enable. And Influence.

Frame content intuitively and intelligently. Text must be streamlined, clear, and concise.  Words must be in a consumable format including bullets, taglines, and tips. Provide an appropriate voice that aligns with the look and feel of the brand.

Minimize the load – repurpose, cycle, combine, use snippets, reintroduce, and take advantage of statistics. Bring ‘high performing’ material back, with a tweak, twist, or update.

In place of a ‘funnel’, consider synchronization of your touchpoints, creating pathways based on the consumer’s intent or motivation.

Granted, it’s old but remains true – campaigns must be S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Timely).

Keep two realities top-of-mind:
(1) We devour visually
(2) We are rapidly increasing our search, engagement, and commerce on mobile devices

Build campaigns and brand experiences with visual and mobile as your drivers.

Continually test, iterate, measure, and analyze. This requires constant flexibility and pivoting to improve outcomes.

Aim for high impact and be ambitious. Further, you cannot move the needle unless you express genuine enthusiasm and inspire people!

Be patient with the process, acknowledge small wins, and incessantly formulate new, creative ways to gain exposure and capture sales.

Digital marketing is ever-evolving. Pursue it relentlessly with spirited fearlessness!

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