innovate workshop think plan act


[Day One]

Refresh the Core Competencies and the Value Proposition

  • distinguish your brand from the competition
  • consider messaging that resonates in the digital ecosystem

Blend your Mission and Vision into a story

  • share socially, on your website, in a video and organically

Assess new and future Macro Conditions – PESTEL

  • Political
  • Economical
  • Social
  • Technological
  • Environmental
  • Legal

Evaluate Supply Chain

  • sourcing goods and services
  • suppliers and procurement
  • production and processes
  • sales and fulfillment
  • inventory management
  • customer satisfaction

Redesign Production for Agility, Ideation and Innovation

  • introduce new ways of thinking and leading for stakeholders
  • recognize that changing mindsets and processes takes time
  • set goals with incremental advancements

Map Customers for Digital Commerce

  • break out groups: prospects, leads, target audiences, buyer personas
  • map who buys, what they buy, why they buy, how they buy, and when they buy

Measuring Up to the Competition

  • strengths and weaknesses
  • advantages
  • differentiation and unique offerings
  • innovators and disruptors
  • saturation points
  • opportunities

[DAY Two]


Assessment #1: Quality

  • products / services
  • customer care
  • teams and culture
  • projects performance
  • operations and IT

Assessment #2: Channel Performance

  • retail / physical locations
  • customer service, live chat, telephone
  • website, social media, digital touch points
  • content marketing (email, blog, infographic, resources)
  • online and offline advertising
  • rich media (video, podcast, webinar)
  • television and radio
  • events
  • direct mail

Assessment #3: Market Structure

  • deeply vs. sparsely – penetrated markets
  • targeted vs. undiscovered – new markets
  • available vs. unavailable  – qualified markets
  • potential vs. untapped – accessible markets

Assessment #4: Customer

  • demographics and psychographics
  • location
  • buying behaviors
  • values and culture
  • awareness level
  • engagement level
  • purchase trends

Assessment #5 Customer Satisfaction Index

  • surveys and feedback
  • reviews
  • customer service communication
  • interaction and engagement trends
  • Net Promoter Score

[Day Three]

Action Plan to recalibrate Strategies and reshape Touch Points

  • Make a plan that impacts all key areas including Sales, Operations, Marketing, Branding, Technology & Systems, Projects & Processes.

Projects based on Workshop Take-Aways

  • Harness the Insights from [Day One] & [Day Two] to define critical Initiatives.
  • Define Business Objectives based on the outcomes of each [Day Two] Assessment.

Project Scope

  • Select Channels, Audience, and Calendar to share Core Competencies, Value Proposition and the Brand Story.
  • Specify tasks to improve Supply Chain.
  • Create Agile Work Processes and Methodologies that require adoption by all Stakeholders.
  • Establish 5 Strategies to capture more Market Share.
  • Create an Efficiency Plan to advance techniques and processes, make systems ‘lean’ and reduce costs.
  • Review Existing Resources and Needed Talent to execute the Action Plans.
  • Set Requisites for Timeline and Investments (Resources, Operations, Financial).
  • Establish Leaders to take charge of each Project within the Action Plan .
  • Determine Performance KPIs and track them monthly.


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