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A brand relies on many different methods to get noticed and build trust, engagement and equity.

A sure-fire way to tear down momentum and damage the brand reputation is failing to communicate effectively.

There are numerous factors that make content potent, including the following:

  • Segmented Audience
  • Relevancy and Value
  • Voice and Visual
  • Quality of Content
  • Flow and Patterns
  • Form and Framing
  • Personalization
  • Timing
  • Call to Action
  • Respect for Privacy

Audience should be narrow and specific – defined by demographics, geographies, industry and psychographics.

The message needs to matter and delivered with clear direction and ending.

Value comes from tying the message to the needs and wants of the target audience.  Without a recognizable benefit, attention is gone in an instant.

Additionally, content should be tailored to topics of interest for recipients.  Statistics have shown that broad blasts do not perform as well as customized communication.

Personalized experiences build capital, distinction and authenticity.

The brand’s voice and image must attract attention and resonate.  By optimizing creativity, imagination and innovation, a brand will drive positive reactions and reflexes.

The calendar and cadence of brand communications are often underappreciated.  To attain a high level of influence and engagement, be judicious with the schedule for publishing, posting and promoting.

Curated content is all about being consequential, making a lasting impression, spurring actions, and generating behaviors.  Pursue sentiments that trigger motivations, which garner favorable outcomes.

Finally, be selective.  We are no longer aiming for mass appeal.  Be tactical in your communication channels, placement, volume, variety, and emotive elements. Always ask yourself the critical questions of ‘how, when, who, what and why’.

Messaging is the conduit to awareness, adoption, and expansion. A brand uses words to create differentiation and prominence.  Considering those implications, be exacting in your strategy. Arbitrary won’t cut it. You need to knock it out of the digital park!

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