I’m a firm believer that writing is both an art and a science.  Strategy is a requisite to any composition. The job of a marketer is to anchor the brand by applying uniquely framed messaging which leaves a potent first impression. 


The goal is clear – steer engagement by crafting compelling content that is highly relevant and contextual.  Clarity is an exercise of dexterity by stripping out nuances and leaving logical interpretation. Effectively conveying a message means tapping into a precise purpose and then trimming out the rest.


Copywriting Tips


  • Have a defined objective and a target result
  • Gain insight on the audience you’re aiming to reach
  • Use action verbs, not passive
  • Write in present and future tense, not past
  • Avoid repetition, emphatics and long sentences
  • Draft digestible portions for a reader to consume
  • Create experiences through words
  • Show value and champion it
  • Insert emotives – in small doses – ranging from playful to powerful
  • Layout content in balance with other elements and features
  • Be devoted to digital SEO
  • Enticement and engagement means being artful, persuasive and entertaining
  • Specify a next step or action


Apply content practices that reverberate with customers, and offer a level of familiarity and confidence.


Remember this – people reading your words are asking themselves the following:


     What does this mean to me and why does it matter?

     What is the intention and does it better me or my business?


A major challenge for many companies is finding the right weights between commercialized content that specifies and differentiates the offering and story-like messaging that distinguishes the brand. Inscribing too far into one approach leaves a portion of your audience dissatisfied.


Finally, writing that leads to decision-making involves numerous factors. Each scenario is as unique as the person in it. Essential to your strategy is having impact.  Once published, always perform an evaluation to pinpoint successful triggers. Ultimately you are seeking to optimally understand your audience’s filters, emotional reactors and motivational patterns.  To learn how best to build content, first explore their resonance to earlier work and then ideate from that vantage point. 


Of course, the only thing more daunting than acclaimed writing is an unrealistic deadline!