A brand has a broad array of components such as graphics, messaging, style guide, logos, marketing materials, business templates, video files, signage, event provisions, promotional designs and many other resources. Managing these assets effectively with essential protocols requires a centralized system that has features such as:


  • Directory mapping
  • File hierarchy
  • Browser-based interface
  • Optimal findability
  • Ease and speed of import / export
  • Preferred display options
  • Categorization and configuring models
  • Well-defined naming conventions
  • Customizable taxonomies to allow for industry-specific classifications
  • Metadata for search optimization
  • Accessibility permissions and controls
  • Security functions
  • Detection of duplicates
  • File lifecycle tracking
  • Administrative tools including file transformation, resizing & transcoding
  • Auto-generated notifications and alerts


Many companies still rely on depositories that consume a tremendous amount of time for manual management. Further, depository link sharing rarely has longstanding dependability.


While it may be challenging to offer a concise ROI for investing in an asset management system, the organizational gains are significant & time-savings is a cost benefit that will payback appreciably. Avoid the stockpile implications – and don’t put your assets on the line!


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